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"Where others may see problems, we see only challenges and opportunities."
-Kent K. Schafer, RCI

Consulting & Inspection Services (CIS) was founded by our President, Kent K. Schafer, RCI, on June 01, 1994, and was founded exclusively to provide project inspection, quality assurance, and owner representation services to public facilities, school districts, hospitals, colleges, universities, and correctional facilities on their construction projects in California.
CIS maintains a proactive approach to project inspection and we provide all of our clients with unsurpassed quality assurance services. We understand and appreciate the importance of teamwork and relationships during the entire project/program. Our inspectors strive to collaborate with all team members allowing project owners to save time and money.
We set ourselves apart by providing and encouraging continuing education for all of our inspectors. Most of our inspectors are members of the American Construction Inspectors Association, an organization dedicated to professional inspection through continuing education. We are also members of many other organizations, and through these entities, we strive to ameliorate public facilities across the state. 
Our management staff and inspectors are expertly versed in the California Building Standards Code as contained in Title 24 of the California Code of Regulations. Our diverse experience has enabled us to create a streamlined quality assurance, reporting, tracking, and management system unmatched in the industry.
We guarantee all our clients qualified and professional inspectors. We ensure all facets of inspection are promptly and responsibly executed. Added value and innovation is our goal on every project. Individually, each of our inspectors has their own highly specialized knowledge of construction. As a team, each of our inspectors share individual specializations to strengthen our inspection in all facets of construction;  our inspectors each have access to the experience and knowledge in each others’ repertoires to draw upon for any and all inspections.
Through a proactive team approach, in cooperation with owners, design professionals, contractors, construction managers, and the State Fire Marshall, CIS will work to deliver to the Owner the quality of project that would most closely represent the intent of the designer and the goals of the owner. We believe that teamwork and communication are cornerstones to a successful project. 
As a part of the construction team, we have successfully, completed hundreds of construction projects within the state of California. On each project, our staff developed a high-quality working relationship with the client’s staff, the design team, the management team, and the contractors, many of whom may be working on your upcoming projects. Where others may see problems, we see only challenges and opportunities. 

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